Do You Hutong? 看! 胡同

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NLGX is again proud to support cultural heritage protection in Beijing with our specially-designed “Do You Hutong?” event T-shirts! What is “Do You Hutong”? A question to ponder? An actual name of a hutong in Beijing? Come inquire with other inquiring minds at on July 17 at Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing’s Caocangdi Art District!

Do You Hutong? features a multi-media cocktail party including original art, live music, photography, and interactive dialogue. The centerpiece of the event is a silent auction of distinctively designed courtyard gates by artists and designers, both local and foreign – including NLGX’s very own, Michel Sutyadi! The event is organized by local NGO favorite, Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Center (CHP).

“Do You Hutong?” event t-shirts will be officially launched at this event, and NLGX Bu Chai (不拆) t-shirts will also be sold at a special discounted price. Proceeds will be given to CHP to help in their mission to save and document China’s cultural heritage.

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Tickets are available at CHP’s offices in Fangjia Hutong and at our NLGX Design Store in Nanluoguxiang.

NLGX很荣幸能再次为北京文化遗产保护中心特别设计的“看胡同” T 恤活动提供支持!什么是”看胡同” ?思考一个问题,在北京,胡同的真实名称是什么?想了解这些问题,就在7 月17日三影堂摄影艺术中心,北京朝阳区草场地155号!

“看胡同”活动的主题包括多媒体酒会,现场艺术音乐表演,摄影和互动对话。此次活动主题为竞拍艺术家创作的四合院院门艺术作品,所有来宾都可以参与缄默拍卖,活动有国外和中国的设计师,当然,也包括我们NLGX品牌的原创设计师 Michel Sutyadi!此次活动是由北京文化遗产保护中心以组织!

本次活动”看胡同”的主题T恤也将正式推出,同时,NLGX 的 “不拆”T恤也会特价出售,这次活动的所有收益全部会捐赠给北京文化遗产保护中心,以帮助他们来保护中国的文化遗产!



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