NLGX Design Products

Men’s, Women’s & Kid’s Graphic T-Shirts
With over 100 designs launched, Graphic t-shirts form the core of NLGX’s business. Each design tells a story inspired by traditional and modern Chinese heritage. All t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, available in Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s sizes, and sold year-round.

NLGX 原创设计T恤,至今已推出100多种设计图案,是NLGX主营产品。每一款设计的灵感都来自于中国独一无二的历史与现代结合的文化根基。所有的T恤都是纯棉材质,男/女/童装T恤,每一年的设计都全数售出。

Graphic Adult & Kids Hoodies
NLGX cold weather apparel is also available year-round, which includes the best selling The Capital 京 Hoodie and the Happy Panda Kids Hoodie.


KOMMUTE - move freely
is a specially-designed line of apparel and bags that embraces functionality along with style. Technical design in cuts, fabrics, and trimmings are emphasized to provide comfort and protection from the harsh conditions of the urban lifestyle. Equipped to tackle the city’s swath of bicycle lanes, bus routes, and subway lines, KOMMUTE challenges you to forgo the automobile and to “move freely”.


NLGX Recycled
is a sub-brand of NLGX Design, dedicated to innovative product design made from recycled materials. Promote style and social responsibility together with NLGX Recycled, fashion re-used…re-created.

系列是NLGX Design的附属品牌之一,全部设计产品都是采用再生/回收资源制造。时尚的外观与为地球减负的社会责任一身,NLGX 环包系列真正做到了再生再造的最完美诠释。

NLGX Gifts & Accessories
include coffee mugs, keychains, magnets, and buttons all of which feature the same award-winning designs. Everything comes in environmental friendly designed packaging, making it the perfect gift for friends and family back home.